This is the classic foodsafe Burned Board on one side with acrylic art on one side.  The acrylic is coated with a clear coat of epoxy resin.


These may be purchased standalone or with a hanging wire.


Burned Boards were the first product ever made for sale as a BeagleBoards product! Made out of sturdy charred pine and finished with foodsafe oils, Burned Boards make for a great cheeseboard or cake tray.


Each board is completely unique, as the patterns in the wood grain determine the way the char turns out.


If you would like an engraving or monogram, please contact us at or the "Contact Us" form on the website.


Finished with 100% foodsafe Odie's Oil wood oil.

17" Psychedelic Serving Board

    • Clean after use with a cloth dampened with warm water.  Use mild dish soap if desired.
    • Towel dry and allow to air dry completely before storing.
  • Fully cured epoxy resins are safe for indirect food contact and are often used in flatware and other cooking tools.  According to the FDA, "indirect" means that a substance can "come into contact with food as part of packaging, holding, or processing, but not to be added directly to, become a component, or have a technical effect in or on the food."


    For the sake of their longevity, these epoxy resins should not come in contact with hot foods or foods with natural solvents like acid or alcohol, such as citrus fruit or fermented vegetables.  They should also not be used as cutting surfaces, as this can cause the epoxy resin to chip.